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The new youth leads the national tide circuit, and the tourism circle is catching up

Date: 2021-08-19

Hongxing Erke how also did not think of, so accidentally sealed "god". Not only received thousands of praise, the majority of Internet users are directly with actual consumption to express support. Under the great era of cultural confidence, the country is coming, the transformation and upgrading of tourism, how to act?

Hong Xing Erke lit the light of domestic goods

The truth is that Hongxing Erke donated 50 million yuan of materials to support the disaster in Henan despite a loss of 220 million yuan in 2020. The netizens were moved at the same time, but also showed their support with actual consumption actions.

Overnight, Hong Xing erke from the studio, red to the streets. The sudden surge of orders, so that the unexpected Hongxing Erke online system broke down, store shelves sold out of the grand situation.

Internet spread a small episode, Hongxing Erke president Wu Rongzhao learned that the net users in the studio irrational consumption, specially rode a shared bike to the studio to persuade people rational consumption. But net friends did not buy it, and threatened to "wild consumption".

Although Hongxing Erke's popularity is unintentional, but netizens' "empathy" let its success fire circle. A sudden disaster, a local brand of a good act, but accidentally through the domestic brand into the heart of the new youth road. At the same time, it also shows that at all times, marketing is the transmission of positive values.

Marketing insiders say that behind this wave of wild spending is the presence consumers get from brands, a deep emotional attachment to domestic goods. In the era of mobile marketing, consumer demand has shifted from "cost performance first" to the emotional consumption that obtains experience from the brand. The driving force behind this is the new youth growing up in the Internet era.

In order to express the praise of hongxing Erke's kindness in times of crisis, many scenic spots in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, Wuyuan, Jiangxi province, Huanggang, Hubei province and Yueyang, Hunan province joined the support team, and said: "Wear 'Hongxing Erke' free admission, support national brands, wild pet to the end!"

At the same time, the tourism industry should think more about how to create more intimate "links" with the new youth with the wind of cultural confidence.

The surging tide of tourism

In this hongxing Erke event, "domestic goods" is one of the key factors out of the circle. According to Baidu, attention to China tide has risen 528 percent over the past decade. Now the national tide has entered the 3.0 era, the national tide is no longer limited to the new national goods, but also includes culture, science and technology and other fields behind the comprehensive rise of China's power.

In fact, there is no clear definition of "national tide". One interpretation is that, in a narrow sense, "guocho" is a local brand with a strong Chinese style. Broadly speaking, "national fashion" is more like a consumer concept, which can be specific Chinese fashion brands or cross-border products with Chinese characteristics. As the name suggests, Chinese fashion should have the appearance of Chinese people.

Any trend will be reflected in the tourism industry. What has the tourism circle done with this craze?

Scenic spot + Hanfu, immersive to upgrade the experience

A few years ago, Hanfu was a small group, but now it has become popular among young people with the rise of national fashion. Data show that the number of Chinese hanfu customers has reached 18 million, and the potential users are more than 400 million.

In the domestic cultural scenic spots and ancient blocks, you can often see men and women dressed in Hanfu fairy fluttering appearance, become a beautiful scenery line. At present, tourist attractions have become the first use of Hanfu scene, and Hanfu also adds a new way for scenic spots, successfully attracting many young people to punch in.

According to the statistics of Qianzhan Industry Research Institute, 66% of hanfu consumers are driven by traveling, while participating in folk activities and taking photos of ancient styles account for 27% and 26% respectively. As new young consumers driven by spiritual consumption, they prefer products with a strong sense of emotional substitution and can also accept high premiums. The immersive experience of "Hanfu + scenic spot" can not only satisfy their pursuit of personalized experience, but also fit their social ecology and sharing economy.

Museum + cultural and creative blind box, circle level identity identification

"Fashionable play" is another label highlighting the individuality of contemporary new youth, and blind box is one of the most representative products of fashionable play. According to the 2020 Blind Box Economic Insight Report, the market size of the blind box industry is expected to double to 30 billion yuan in 2024. Huge market allure, blind box economy constantly out of the circle, but also let tourism see more new possibilities.

Relying on their incomparable historical and cultural resources, major museums in China have created many popular blind box products, such as the 600-year-old Palace Museum's cat blind box, Henan Museum's archaeological blind box, and Dunhuang Academy's "Tianlong Baobi" blind box, which have gained a lot of young users.

As the network circle culture becomes more and more important in the life of new youth, the access to information becomes more and more vertical. They are more willing to pay attention to the things they are interested in and are accustomed to "expand" or "hook up" new friends in their small circle. For them, the blind box is not only a fashion product, but also a carrier of personality and hobbies, through which they can find like-minded friends and identify each other's identity.

Of course, tourism of the national tide play far more than these. Cultural tourism resources themselves are extremely rich IP resources. On this basis, we continue to bring forth the new from the old and start to cross the boundary to try technology, beauty makeup, jewelry and other products. For example, the Summer Palace teamed up with Bazaar Jewelry to launch a limited gift box with "Plum, Orchid, Bamboo and Chrysanthemum" collarbone chain, and the Palace Museum teamed up with mobile phone brand OPPO to launch OPPO Watch, The Palace Museum New Jubilee Edition... For the appearance level is the justice of the young people, not only can meet the attention to the external visual beauty, but also can fit the inner soul beauty.

There is a saying that "the more you go abroad, the more patriotic you are". Wei Xiangjun, director of sichuan Cultural and Creative Industry Research Institute, believes that young people gradually find cultural confidence in comparison and identification. At the same time, the youth group strengthens the cultural cognition through the national tide, and then forms a strong sense of identity and sense of belonging. Therefore, they began to look at the world, no longer blindly following foreign cultures and brands, is the key to the revival of "National tide" culture.

At the same time, the national tide does not arise out of thin air, but is rooted in the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation over thousands of years. These excellent cultures are re-examined from the perspective of "national tide". Once activated and awakened, they immediately burst into vigorous strength.

Set off new tourism consumption reform

At present, "national tide" is leading a new round of consumption reform, interpretation of a new, fashionable, avant-garde way of life. Not only by the young people in China, but also by more and more foreign friends. Behind it, it actually reflects a huge change in consumer trends. With the progress of China's society, people are more eager to be satisfied at the spiritual and cultural level, and this spiritual appeal is fully reflected in the consumption concept of young people.

Zeng Bowei, director of the Tourism Research Center of Beijing Union University, said that the proportion of tourism commodities, as an important channel to increase tourism income, is increasing year by year. On the one hand, under the pressure of management, scenic spots are looking for new revenue channels. On the other hand, there are more and more post-80s and 90s managers in cultural and tourism enterprises, who are more sensitive to the current fashion trends.

The White Paper pointed out that with the extreme segmentation of market segments and target users of new domestic products, the traffic anxiety of rushing to find new tracks is a real dilemma for brands. But from the trillion level of incremental forecast data, the dividend of the new channel has not yet been eaten up, sixty percent of the Internet users still have the market waiting for businesses to explore.

It is both an opportunity and a challenge. "Guocho derivatives represent a cultural attitude, not a simple return, but a return with innovation." Zeng bowei said that the younger generation is no longer just looking at the surface of China fashion, product quality, creativity, spiritual core, cultural expression has become their appeal to China fashion. In addition to the aesthetic, the form of expression, but also to consider the young people accustomed to the mode of transmission and rules.

In recent years, a number of important documents put forward, "enhance cultural confidence", the changes in the consumer sector is constantly staged. "His small goal is that 1,000 'unicorn new brands' will go out of the studio in the next three years," Li said in "Breakout China," the first documentary to record new chinese-made brands. What we'd like to see more of is a place among the 1,000 new unicorn brands for the most fashionable products in the travel world.