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The Oriental Riverside Bund View Hotel (Shanghai International Convention Center) (Shanghai Dongfang Binjiang Dajiudian Guoji Huiyi Zhongxin) is located in the heart of Lujiazui on the banks of the Huangpu River, directly opposite the Bund. This Shanghai hotel is also only a 45-minute drive from Pudong International Airport and Metro Line 2 runs next to the hotel. Some of Pudong's best shopping is about three kilometers away...More>>

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  • e02392091
    Geographic bit fine of, around wants to shopping of play of eat of are is convenient, Jiang Jingfang in six floor, room than larger of, landing window can see Huangpu River, breakfast no set, 2,161 a people too luxury has, children eat of not more, so we are is outside eat of, select also quite more, room refrigerator of door is bad of, shut not Shang, we buy of big tank yogurt and big tank fresh milk put in inside directly is eat not to has, distressed, hotel should compensation to we only on, hehe!
  • joyice_tong
    Very good hotel, just a few steps away from the Oriental Pearl, service was good, next time you will choose.
  • nomatter007
    Very good, although the child had a little accident in the bathroom, but fortunately not too big, the staff started a bit slow to react, but follow-up handled to your satisfaction, thanks. Take the kids out the door must be everywhere always care concerns to.
  • M00115883
    Very satisfied with service
  • pearl850303
    Very good rooms at once.
  • guosa
    Well, mostly
  • ilostmy85
    Hotel location very good, very close to walk to the Oriental Pearl TV Tower and super brand Mall, is the arrangement of floors on the second floor, short, River-effect is not very good, because the front is half hidden by green. good breakfast.
  • cyc212
    Location was ideal, Lujiazui financial center, after all this lot 900 price is quite cheap. But very old, room smaller. breakfast is not bad.
  • babycat
    Is still very good, price was the highest
  • funn008
    From the Bund and Oriental Pearl Tower for that location, even the most inexpensive option. the room was good, but not too many amazing feeling.
  • lovelywinter
    Are satisfied with the overall service, housekeeping staff were smile very nice, see smiley stay in a good mood, compared with buffet breakfast room is a bit less Smiley, hope more smiling faces, sanitation and overall was satisfactory.
  • luxiao1130
    Decoration is a bit old, especially the bathroom equipment is slightly older, health status of people, very good location, traffic convenient, service is good.
  • orangeblossom
    Very good hotel service was great
  • mustangcm
    Nice to see Riverview, hotel location is very good!
  • Fly fly
    Good hotel, quiet, good hardware, and sanitation services at the front desk was very good.
  • cf867024
    Chia, eating convenience. night night good to go to the Bund, good location.
  • fangtony
    A very good environment and convenient location, go a few steps is the Pearl of the Orient
  • Jarvis fur ball
    Rooms at many times, as well.
  • Napoleon.Wang
    Children extra bed does not give me the high floors, 2/f, nothing to see. the hotel is really good
  • Aaron20010
    Hotel is well located, close to the Huangpu River, the landscape beautiful. room service. guests are satisfied, the next time you will choose to move
  • baimin1214
    Located right next to the Oriental Pearl TV tower to the subway station, eating, easy! epic woman at the front desk gave me a best Riverview room, sweeping views of the Bund! great!
  • nannanniuniu
    All right
  • animal
    Environment is quite good, the Oriental Pearl Tower in front, Huangpu River, running in the morning and night to see the Bund at night
  • cyw419
    Very nice, Riverview room
  • Lolotatu
    Shop big bed room is running out, and two beds are not merged. According to lobby big bed room itself is relatively small.
  • lindamiao
    Very good hotel, go out the Oriental Pearl Tower, the Huangpu River, near the Aquarium and the Disney Store, and Golden State are 5 minutes away from the Zhengda Plaza.
  • a_nai19840720
    Hotel is very good, good service, the surrounding environment, convenient transportation and shopping convenience.
  • gaivn
    Very good location, walk to the Oriental Pearl Tower, Jiang Jingfang good
  • dreamworld2000
    Convenient, Pearl Tower, Aquarium is close, next selection
  • AlexLee
    Very good in every way, next time will stay at this hotel
  • canjani
    The bed is too soft, the breakfast, other
  • joyflys
    Excellent environment! facilities
  • e03091570
    It's OK
  • bg7bfb
    With children out play staying, hotel location is good, next is insects Museum, marine Museum also in near, walk can. to Line 2 line Metro mouth 5 minutes around, to technology museum as long as 2 station. near of Zhengda square food many. set of Riverview room, area not small, indoor facilities slightly explicit old, bed turn Shi will issued sound. Xia single Shi requirements live 5 or 6 floor, arrived Shi was told no room has, so had to live in 3 floor, also can appreciate to Riverview. hotel service personnel StateGood.
  • lawrence-an
    On this selected of hotel very satisfaction, hotel location very rod, because is with child holiday, so select has away from East Pearl Tower and marine Museum compared near of hotel, walk to East Pearl Tower five minutes, to marine Museum 10 minutes, very convenient, and hotel room also can looked to Huangpu River, Festival during more than 700 more a late, price also is affordable, hotel room within facilities also good, very satisfaction
  • butterfly
    Twin! check free upgrade to Executive Suite, very good
  • elan_127
    Location is very good, service is in place, the older is the room.
  • e02084434
    Nice hotel, value for money, the next choice.
  • leoboy2010
    Just below the Pearl Tower, very nice rooms, located in the center of this price was value for money!
  • ~~~~~
    Great classic hotel in the lot, nothing to say ... ... Help colleagues booked, he was very satisfied!
  • e00266930
    Hotel price range-sometimes too high, usually line-
  • littlecat
    Is very good
  • e02363456
    Aisle in some old ... Carpet smell ... Swimming pool is wonderful, Oh, is a circular pool.
  • aimee2011
    Room did not exist before, so chose this special room, finding great, looking out the window can see Riverview, Executive River view room seconds before you kill me, sometimes it's not expensive it must be good!
  • e00210141
    Very good?
  • jonann
    Hotel in great location, close to the Oriental Pearl Tower, Metro, recommended
  • cooldavidlee
    Location is nothing to say, the Oriental Pearl Tower, Aquarium, the Bund sightseeing tunnel there is mostly in the front, bed very comfortable, bath equipment is also good!
  • auscart
    Good old hotel.
  • ericy03
    Hotel good location, opposite the super brand Mall, business as usual during the Spring Festival, we have old and small people, dinner entertainment shopping much easier, also inside the movie.
  • E02360781
    Very good hotel, location, next to the Oriental Pearl TV Tower in Pudong, Jin Maokai Hyatt hotels and buildings, subway transportation is very convenient, opposite the Bund across the River, the landscape is very unique, the hotel service is in place, worthy of recommendation. Nice. buffet breakfast was very good, a variety of snacks are. next time you come to Shanghai to live here.