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The Oriental Riverside Bund View Hotel (Shanghai International Convention Center) (Shanghai Dongfang Binjiang Dajiudian Guoji Huiyi Zhongxin) is located in the heart of Lujiazui on the banks of the Huangpu River, directly opposite the Bund. This Shanghai hotel is also only a 45-minute drive from Pudong International Airport and Metro Line 2 runs next to the hotel. Some of Pudong's best shopping is about three kilometers away...More>>

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  • everwill
    Good location, breakfast is very general, easy to play
  • babyfoxMM
    Environment very well, the attitude of the staff is also very good.
  • abel123
    Very good, very good, parents are very satisfied!
  • alanfong123
    Nice, great satisfaction!
  • jodiexy
    Good location, room.
  • jasonivy
    Good room air conditioner.
  • leontravel101
    Hotel bad service, called the Riverview room, can only see a little water, value for money is poor, poor TV signal,
  • E03747178
    Very good, hotel is near from the Oriental Pearl Tower, tall and feeling on the
  • D03735313
    Location didn't said, first lobby magnificent, rooms aisle also also decent, second away from East Pearl Bund sightseeing tunnel, river beach step road, Huangpu River tour round, are is several step of away, away from Metro station also is near, around has Zhengda square, dinner shopping are is convenient, live of is not Riverview room, but still can see half Huangpu River, unfortunately floors lower, morning of when road Shang some noisy. then front desk service attitude General HA, day arrived has is night at 11 o'clock more, bigNo staff to help with the luggage in front, a man at the front desk and completing travel did not even take the initiative under the guidance of where to take the elevator, services need to be improved.
  • dingding_mama
    Overall is quite satisfied with the
  • linanaa133
    Poor reception waiter service, answering questions very impatient, a total also asked him a question.
  • ~ `* Kay
    Help a friend with a predetermined, the environment is very good.
  • nbbeyond
    Nice, quiet and comfortable, location is the key.
  • Allison aa aa
    Hotel was very nice, good location, walk to the Oriental Pearl TV Tower in just a few minutes,? is also very convenient ... especially in this side of the Huangpu River for a walk in the evening feels good.
  • e05159838
    Location very good, close to the Huangpu River, convenient to the river walk, Lujiazui Pearl Tower is also very near, very convenient, beautiful scenery. Hotel old! facilities in General.
  • amanda198422
    Environment is very good, service was good, the surrounding environment and other entertainment was good.
  • cocappjj
    Pretty good price in five-star hotels around the river listening to the whistle cheap clock tower bells sound very well along the riverside promenade or go feel good playing a bit to the PuXi area of difficulty was easy subway
  • acrobat
    Pretty good
  • beibeicjw
    Environment and health are very good
  • e04652903
    Great location, service, views excellent, facilities good.
  • gamblegod
    On the orientation of the room very dissatisfied, Riverview discount hotels on the birthday gift! suggested this preselection 1103-1108 room Executive Suite, facing the Huangpu River
  • pig21
    Nice hotel, located in the Lujiazui financial center, international real ... Clean, the front desk very efficient
  • olivercc
    Hotel Nice, nice, nice! but the room some of the old, cleaning bad! is the worst waiter, never look at the front desk, including the door man, and concierge, don't have any enthusiasm, without a want to help you trace!
  • lilyspring66
    Hotel location is very good, on the waterfront, son loved every day is to sit in the window to see through, from the Oriental Pearl Tower and the Bund sightseeing tunnel very close, go out, there are shopping malls, plus hotel facilities and services can
  • geyao0520
    Hotel is Rod! service, facilities, environment are super praise, is located in East Pearl Tower next, close to Riverside Avenue Huangpu River, night lights opened Hou is beauty, is landscape building, near has Zhengda square and Marine Aquarium, dinner shopping entertainment are is convenient, from Metro Line 2 line land home mouth station walk 10 minutes, hotel within of pool and room within views King of landing window is children of most love. anyway, the Shanghai of line because East Riverside and became wonderful!
  • e03336502
    Location was great and affordable is the garden room and the hotel's 5 star standard
  • clairelu1982
    Hotel location very better, live of is senior business room, 960/late, but room facilities slightly explicit old, has unit mold taste, WiFi signal poor, reflect Hou was let I signed a loan Hotel router of a contracts, what damaged compensation 200 Yuan like of, feel very not reasonable, hotel publicity in the WiFi is free provides of, if signal poor, hotel should gives solution! let customer signed a terms is a not fair, this is is a five-star hotel byProvide it?
  • fairy198522
    Said satisfaction with the environmental services to five points!
  • donedone
    Facilities need to be improved
  • bettyna
    Very good breakfast, one foreman giving children breakfast, seafood buffet is also free to send children! very good
  • liuxiaoyin
    Don't know? child reminder,
  • by1913
  • bronin10
  • Lanxixu
    Scenery is very good, by the Huangpu River, the picture was taken from the window of. but the walk from the subway station to the hotel is a bit far for people with children. eat play also has around, is close to the Disney Store, baby love.
  • M1200568
    Convenient services
  • lj2201
    Very good facilities, beautiful surroundings, service was very good, the service is in place!
  • Merryjasmine
    Location, view is even worse!
  • wangisa
    Good location, the surrounding environment, and convenient transportation. but the decoration is a bit old.
  • andrewlone
    Last lived here six years ago with her daughter, then she will love this shop, this weekend she lived here specified, there is like what it did super good. Room was spacious, bathroom facilities, beds very comfortable, hotel Jiang Jingfang is sitting by the window you can see the river. Hotel staff very good breakfast is rich in species of the Japanese in Shanghai's wide ranging pastries early Western-style bread and beansPulp (tasteless) juice, yogurt, and great coffee! And hotel is located in in land home mouth most downtown of lots here traffic is convenient, out hotel four or five minutes to East Pearl, marine Museum, opposite Zhengda square shopping dinner also convenient, Riverside Avenue of night is beauty, across River looked across of Bund, a river on both sides of beautiful, very satisfaction! insufficient of place is room air conditioning noise too big, as a five-star hotel, speed too slow! Wireless is also very slow andAnd often broken! After a while to reconnect, it is very difficult to make people satisfied with. but in General is still recommended, still live here.
  • bigbigmo
    Has a slightly overweight girl in the lobby service is terrible
  • Jacob
    Health environment of the hotel is superb, very comfortable!
  • coyote
    Recommended hotels on the waterfront, river view Fang Chao held
  • njsusan
    Good location
  • canjee
    Good location, convenient
  • abterry
    So so
  • e00685838
    Nice surroundings, clean, Oriental Pearl, is close to the tourist tunnel opposite the Bund, overall very pleased with it.
  • abcabc
    In general good. is the room temperature too high, makes me hot, there is no ventilation or cooling!
  • andydear
    Help a friend booked! heard friends say that was very good hotel!
    Almost one month in advance of family holiday great location of the hotel was good night good lives are comfortable if the price is cheaper is better
  • lele1626
    Good clean hotel - a little old but good restaurants Needs better water pressure but great views and good walks