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The Oriental Riverside Bund View Hotel (Shanghai International Convention Center) (Shanghai Dongfang Binjiang Dajiudian Guoji Huiyi Zhongxin) is located in the heart of Lujiazui on the banks of the Huangpu River, directly opposite the Bund. This Shanghai hotel is also only a 45-minute drive from Pudong International Airport and Metro Line 2 runs next to the hotel. Some of Pudong's best shopping is about three kilometers away...More>>

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  • a563728165
    Only underground parking, good location, Jiang Jingfang! without breakfast
  • weiaiguo
    Very good location close to the Oriental Pearl IFC regardless of dining and shopping are very convenient
  • angela808
    Nice, great service!
  • e03070851
  • annieprincess
    Very good and convenient.
  • andienyu
    Receptionist was very good and hotel orders delayed so I waited for a while, then I choose room with a good view. the surrounding environment is particularly good, very convenient. breakfast too simple Wi-Fi is unstable. in General, satisfactory.
  • leleabin
    Jiang Jingfang, had only 12 points to urge to check out strange, mostly 5-star hotel will be 2 points not to rush it.
  • smartcarfield
    All the conditions are very good next time you stay here
  • Tommy000928
    All right
  • Magic
    Located right on the waterfront, very good, and very good sound insulation of the room, highly recommended!
  • along_alone
    Riverview, breakfast too expensive, room is a little old, overall I feel pretty good, good location, excellent location.
  • e01441359
    Zhu here is great service, always great
  • liyunfei82
    Hotel super good room is spacious bathroom facilities complete bed is comfortable staying of is Jiang Jingfang sat in window side on can see Huangpu River hotel of waiter attitude also is better know room in which direction way with to room door channel has employees in cleaning of when immediately way to we walking also has a got off of when on has Guard help mention luggage wants to with is to to tip of results help we won luggage put in door Hou on back in situ has evenTips are rare not to the hotel breakfast and friends are selected early breakfast for 100 more expensive but to charge at the front desk are 216 species rich Cantonese snacks, breakfast but Western-style bread milk pastry (tasteless) yogurt ... Everything but the actual one up to eat no more than 30 unless you ate a lot but it is expensive if you need to double early a 216 is better to at the time of booking a hotel reservationAnd hotel is located in Lujiazui, the most prosperous of the lot price is not too expensive, what price premium plus service next time you have a chance to come to Shanghai may also prefer this hotel bar!
  • billdou19940315
    Overall good River view feels good
  • snail2010
    Great hotel environment is quite good, through the window on the Huangpu River, the night was wonderful, and holiday traffic is very convenient
  • bobowendy
    On the side of the Huangpu River, very good, is the hotel a bit dated
  • grue2012
    Hotel location is very good, service was good, very satisfied!
  • e01011829
  • dingstc
    Very satisfied
  • cuiguangfu
    Location excellent! very good facilities, fitness facilities and swimming pool is also good! again!
  • candygreen
    Very convenient, suitable for business travel.
  • ll_333
    Highly recommended, very good
  • BelindaF
    Also, the hotel is long
  • e00014417
    Hotel great facilities, surroundings very good
  • cuiliya
    Very good hotel and very advantageous location, but also India o when keeper! took the children to so high a hotel convenient, mindless breakfast question, anyway, he will have!
  • fatmxl
    Very good location! very nice environment, nice!
  • Alvin XIE
    Overall it feels more
  • wanfeng22
    Hotel location is great, they go out sightseeing tunnel, reaching to the Bund! hotel facilities old, set the Riverview room, 2-story, Jiang is not very good, curtain too much, next time I hope floors high
  • irenelee
    Good location, next to the big hotel, staff were very friendly, check in soon! from the super brand Mall close, five minute walk, eating, shopping is very convenient. stay here next time you come to Shanghai will also take into account
  • carani
    very convenent; service up to satisfaction; good window view; breakfast good choices.
  • Brady327
    Comfortable environment conveniently
  • jj6262
    On business, customers lived here, convenient and familiar!
  • gn890
  • day_dreamer
    Position would not have dared to say, very, very good. room was nice, clean, clean. Riverview room scenery is very good, especially at night, the scenery better. good breakfast.
  • sunway_weili
    Executive Riverview room. While the Huangpu River can be seen, but the big bad room view. outside the window, a distance of approximately 4-5 metres, is that big ball of glass, or we have to watch the Huangpu River separated by two layers of glass, really not great. Good location, away from the Oriental Pearl Tower, Disney Store, Aquarium, Insectarium, submarine sightseeing tunnel is close to stairs or a five-minute walk to. Hotel 11 fish Xiang GEDinner, noon on and waiter said has, Hall or package between are can, then to we call. results to night dinner has also didn't until phone. we again call urged asked, waiter special righteously of said, to we set to package between has, I asked, that why not call told I does, not said has did? family waiter said, set Shang has on not notification you has. at really of is no language. dinner of when, water, 5 Yuan a Cup, received service fee, but fundamental didn'tWaiter services. dish tastes okay to receive, simply wasn't good enough for the five-star standards. Executive River view room 11 period, the price is more expensive, and room types do not match, I feel like seven hundred or eight hundred, more than 1000, not worth the price. Overall, General. is the location ... no other, especially restaurant service. to reach five-star. Bad review.
  • connie0517
    Hotel Super like it, like I said it three times, will travel
  • elaina
    In addition to old that's all can, breakfast good.
  • gaojianxueming
    And very close to the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, wide area, service is also very good. facilities a bit old, but still very satisfying. Riverview is very beautiful indeed.
  • bawad919
    Hotel location is very good, affordable, good service.
  • Errrrrrrrr
    Second stay in Lujiazui, the location, value for money can also.
  • m00011240
    Good location, warm service, Jiang Jingfang is beautiful
  • gx99032088
    Last lived here six years ago with her daughter, then she will love this shop, this time we specified daughter family home also live here, booked two Deluxe, a big bed, a double bed, there is like what it did super good. Room was spacious, bathroom facilities, beds very comfortable sitting by the window you can see the river. Types of hotel staff very good breakfast very rich Japanese in Shanghai style guesthouses Early Western-style bread milk pastry (tasteless) juice, yogurt, and great coffee! And the hotel is located in Lujiazui, the most prosperous areas where traffic is very convenient, hotel four or five minutes to the Oriental Pearl Tower, Aquarium, across the super brand Mall shopping eating convenient, Riverside Avenue at night is beautiful, look across the Bund across the River, a river full of very satisfied! inadequacies are the rooms air conditioning too noisy, as a five-star hotel, netSpeed too slow! Wireless is very slow, and often broken! After a while to reconnect, it is very difficult to make people satisfied with. but in General is still recommended, still live here.
  • caiweiabby
    Hotel on in Huangpu River side Shang, from room Windows on can see across Bund scenery, hotel leisure facilities as swimming pool and the fitness equipment using not addition charges, just from elevator mouth out of marked not too clear, to himself try with door to found. network online to landing registered like of, even even Shang also compared not stability. environment relative quiet, self breakfast barely can, to five-star of standard has in progress of space. overall, also is good of.
  • truefriend
    Hotel is great, good choice, next time will consider staying
  • newviolet
    Travel more convenient!
  • liangminjun
    Hotel room was very clean, easy access location address, praise
  • jennywangbaby
    Hotel location good, sat Metro Line 2 line land home mouth station 2nd, mouth out, by East Pearl ring bridge on can saw, walk 10 minutes's! near attractions and Mall also good, with children select parent-child package, containing breakfast, taste good, varieties complete, meet five-star standard. room to of five rub, can see Riverview and Bund, children sooner or later see ship to ship to, is happy, anyway, and near of five-star than price high!
  • lvjin5885
    It is perfect location hotel, just below East Pearl tower, so very close to the heart of Shanghai Pudong. It is vey convenient place.
  • ax_2000
    Good? good.
  • sunnylt
    Which is very nice!