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Dongfang Binjiang Hotel Shanghai (International Conference Centre) (Oriental Riverside Hotel Shanghai (Shanghai International Convention Center)), The Eastern River Hotel (International Conference Centre) of Shanghai is the River of Huangpu River, face aux plages traditionnelles, situé au centre de Pudong, a New Financial Business Development Area.The Eastern River Hotel (International Conference Center) Shanghai Room spacieux, color Soft and can appreciate the Huangpu River PanoramaLes salles d 'exposition a (qui sont également un centre d' information) et B peuvent être reliées à une grande salle d 'exposition pour accueillir diverses expositions.Le Grand Oriental River Hotel (International Conference Centre) de Shanghai a d 'autres installations telles que la piscine intérieure et extérieure et le jardin sur le toit, où chaque touriste qui vient à Shanghai réalise son rêve d' observer les paysages célèbres de la plage.Il y a ici un environnement de loisirs élégant, divers types de services, j 'espère que vous pourrez être le choix de descendre en voyage.
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Commentaires Plus
  • JennyLin0702
    Old hotel
  • Jason2011
    Hotel location excellent, the Oriental Pearl tower gate, pool is great, rooms big and clean, low price, very good, after living here.
  • e01538639
    Nice! love playing the piano background music!
    Very good location, good restaurants around
  • meiji6543
  • coy1004
    Good location, good breakfast, pool more convenient gym.
  • njxwr
    Location, hotel old. breakfast, overall satisfaction
  • AS1155
    In Lujiazui, the most bustling, high cost, is the Pearl of the Orient before, followed by the Huangpu. Nice.
  • e05494687
    Hotel apathy, greed, what is money, does not take into account the client's feelings, Grand Hyatt advised executives to experience, never again such a hotel
  • llw146124
    Very convenient!
  • cj0220
    Very good location
  • jin_91
    River view in the room is very good. Good surroundings.
  • ermao222
    Facilities good, scenery is moved, the next time you have the opportunity to stay
  • ellll
    So so
  • bunny1012
    Associates book, meeting in Lujiazui, couldn't have been easy. geographically speaking, convenient, good value, also recommended for personal travel.
  • syst585
    Good service well worth staying
  • lili1987128
    Oh well, price is expensive, overall good
  • aileenblue
    Very good, will come again
  • applelva
    Good, good location
  • Glossse
    Good location quiet
  • lemontea009
    Attend the meeting live, overall good
  • Alanxy
    Very good and cost-effective hotel, was very close to the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, the surrounding Metro, shopping malls, convenient, easy to play. hotel facilities very good and staff very good.
  • beibin79
    Nice people very comfortable
  • cs25820101
    Concierge and security services was especially bad, unreasonable provision of the Special
  • bengda
    Jiang Jingfang was good, as was the first flight, ten points to the hotel is very tired or sleepy, but the front desk told to two o'clock in the afternoon a half can be accommodated. drunk! breakfast is also good-take a taxi to anywhere is very convenient, there is a high bed in his family
  • linlin10231547
    Very good, very quiet, if the network can keep up with even better.
  • sulian
    All areas of hotel was very convenient, convenient, courteous, friends like and are very satisfied and will come again.
  • aaaa15
    very good!
  • Aleen
  • caspermiao
    Overall pretty good, could not give an accurate answer is room reservation time
  • ll3307
    Convenient transportation, is behind the hotel Riverside, is very suitable for walks, good
  • basler0288
    Rooms at several times, the hotel location is very good, services and so on are also very good.
    Good, cheap, but a little old!
  • dennyjojo
    Rooms are large, first-class facilities, clean, very good experience
  • ayanejp
    Hotels are also good, security is the gate too horrible, very uncomfortable than traffic police cow
  • Amilie
    Is located in Huangpu River side, East Pearl Tower Xia. walk can to land home mouth financial district, regardless of business, shopping (Zhengda square on in next) also is catering are convenient. If like morning or night walking, out has hotel is River bin Park. Special worth a mention of is hotel within quite quiet. price better. is I to Shanghai travel of preferred, also recommended to has company of colleagues and friends circle.
  • bianl
    All right
  • dongdongdog2
    Enjoy the beauty and gastronomy.
  • baodl
    Take children to Aquarium hotel of choice. Hotel location; hotel of location may is land home mouth best of, than Shangri-La of location better, Riverside Avenue on in Hotel behind, East Pearl had road on to, had River Tunnel on in hotel door, Disney flagship shop on in hotel of South 200 meters, land home mouth Metro station on in 500 meters! out's Metro a eye on can see this hotel, is has features! Accommodations; booked a garden view room, night in the rainIn the into hotel, thought night should not to see night's, on with front desk mention can into Riverview room, front desk no any hesitated of to for's a luxury suite! window of beauty panoramic view! night due to cannot out, on in hotel swimming, pool and gym Super praise, heating enough foot, pool warm of, gym cool cool of! very human. this to Shanghai two days live's two a different of hotel, are is five-star of, phase compared former, the hotel to I mostFeeling is the bed, very comfortable, pillows, multiple selection, the key is no bed linen a little smell of disinfectant, unlike previous stays and smell of disinfectant always feel a quilt is too heavy, Jacuzzi, personalized charging facilities! Front desk service very fast check in and check out if there are foreigners, and foreign service staff in the lobby, particularly human, no rounds, check out directly!
  • cengbei0801
    Better environment
  • e01802461
    Hotel Nice grade. excellent location, next to the Oriental Pearl. underground car park is not really convenient.
  • Eddywu
    All in all very nice, elderly people live very comfortable!
  • e00017250
    Location and environment quite well, next time.
  • cjfun
    Location is good, can see Huangpu Riverview, night special beautiful, logo sex of attractions are can see. away from Metro station walk about 7-8 minutes around. Zhengda square on in side Shang, in negative II floor also has a supermarket, buy some snack, fruit, gift what very convenient, more alone dinner shopping's! hotel within also has small Southland, dinner of place is good.
  • nina1103
    Which is very nice
  • greyson
    Very satisfied, good surrounding environment, room feels very good, and the next opportunity will go live.
  • tails
    All right
  • dcalan
    Nice, nice, room toiletries are cooperation and Herborist, like
  • joycb
    Hotel was very grand, very beautiful, because it is more than nine o'clock in the evening, booked garden view room was gone, so I upgraded for free to the hotel Riverview room, room was large, so the equipment is very good, mother love,
  • bobo705
    Very satisfied with, from very close to the Pearl Tower