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Smart Choice Club

Continuing its traditions as hospitableness and close-fitting service, the Oriental Rivers-ide Hotel, Shanghai International Convention Center, develops more steadily because of your support and encourage. To convey our heartfelt thanks to you, we have established the Smart Choice Club and formulated thanksgiving & repaying program. In this program, you can recom-mend the Oriental Riverside Hotel, Shanghai International Convention Center, to your company's guests, your friends, or you can come to the Hotel to make consumption, with the consumptive amounts for room reservation, food and beverage and conference being converted into points for cumulating. Each 100-yuan gets one point, and when you get a certain number of points, you can use them to get food & beverage, stay at hotel, air tickets, traveling or various quality gifts free of charge.

Member Cards

Objects at which the Smart Choice Club's Room Reservation Points Cumulating Card aims:

All guest rooms of companies, governments, organizations, associations and chambers of commerce, and reservers of conferences.

Member Info

The application is simple and convenient, and the membership is permanent, free of joining and annual fee. Once succeeding in application, you can get 10 points free of charge immediately.

Way of Application:

You can apply for the Smart Choice Club Room-reservation Points Cumulating Membership Card on the hotel's member website, and you can also contact with the marketing person who is responsible for your company to provide the application form for you and then please fill in the application form yourself. You will get the number of the card as after the hotel checks your information, then you can start point cumulating. The hotel's Membership Department will post your card to the agreed address within two weeks.

Detailed rules of points

Rules of the points:One will get one point each time after consuming 100 RMB, and when reach the certain points, one can be free to have food, to stay in the hotel, to buy airline tickets, to travel, or change various gifts.

Calculation period for the accumulation of the points: 24 months

Member accounts failing to use or generate points within 24 months are considered inactive. The point credits of inactive member accounts will be erased automatically at the end of the 24th month.

Member Benifits

Any guest holding the Reservation Points Cumulating Membership Card who recommends the Card to other guests or the rooms rented by companies in the hotel, shall obtain points for holding conference and consumption at dining hall according to the hotel's points cumulating rules. Please at any time pay attention to your points cumulating account on the Smart Choice Club's member website and the up-to-date information about gifts for which the points can be exchanged;

As for Reservation Points Cumulating Membership Card of walk-in customers, only lodging expenses shall be included for calculation of points for room reservation. Other miscellaneous expenses and consumption expenses at other places of the hotel shall be excluded in point calculation.

Points cumulating for guest room consumed by walk-in customers of company:

In order to make it convenient for the hotel's Membership Department to check up and to give clear indication of member number, please use your company's letter paper or your company's email address to send a fax or email for room reservation, and the hotel's membership system shall automatically calculate your points. After you check out, you shall get the points cumulated within 7 days after the hotel has confirmed the amount of your lodging expenses (other miscellaneous expenses incurred at the room shall not be included in cumulating system).

Points cumulated for comprehensive consumption related to conference:

During the process of negotiation on a conference, the member must remind the marketing person of his Reservation Points Cumulating membership of the hotel's Smart Choice Club and tell the marketing person the card number, and the hotel's marketing person needs to give clear indication of the number of the member's reservation points cumulating card in the Conference Task Notification. On the day of the commencement of the conference, a false room should be opened in the hotel's PMS (Fidelio) to include the amount for consumed food & beverage and guest rooms related to the conference in the Fidelio system so that the Membership System can generate member's points. The member can get his cumulated points within 7 working days immediately after the end of the conference and settlement of all expenses.

﹡If the member has already enjoyed a discount of 20% or discount of higher percentage on retail price, he or she shall not enjoy point cumulating.

Point cumulating for pure consumption of food and beverage:

After consumption at the hotel's self-operated dining hall as well as private rooms, the membership card must be shown when settlement is made, and the points shall be earned within 7 working days (points from food & beverage is not applicable to wedding feast).