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Not ending festivals stimulate cultural vitality of the masses

Date: 2013-08-30

Braved 40 degrees Celsius, the reporter walked into Dapuqiao community cultural center, feel the heat of the citizens of Shanghai Cultural Festival.

Shanghai public festival inception, Dapuqiao community cultural center of the "public visits" surge. In addition to the activities of several being renovated rooms, cinemas, theaters, libraries, paintings, dance room filled with people, quiet and orderly. Dapuqiao Community Cultural Center Director Wang Xiaoyan said, "extremely hot" and "public cultural festival effect" overlay, at least here every day recently received over 3,000 visitors. The more than 10,000 square meters area, community cultural center, has been basically reached a "full load" state.

A survey showed that the "Eleventh Five-Year" period of over 5 billion investment to build Shanghai perfected two hundred first-class facilities community cultural center, but most exist "excellent hardware, software deficiencies" embarrassing, but utilization is only four percent.

Community cultural center why not make the best use? Many reasons: not enough rich cultural activities, activity information is not timely transmission ...... in the final analysis there is no and the people's growing demand for cultural entertainment accurate "butt."

Shanghai Cultural Festival reason why people make the community cultural center bursting with popularity, the key is that it directly from the people's cultural needs of departure. Community cultural center for the people's culture from the past simply to provide "active site" into the cultural life of the "hub" and "soul", the staff transformed into a "curator" and "creative director" for the people to provide a higher level of cultural enjoyment.

"In the past community cultural center of entertainment and cultural activities arranged, in part performances and exhibitions from the government distribution of resources, there is a part formula occasional holidays and now is not the same, many of the activities that we see community interest, and then dig deeper carefully planned, and even events from what name, have let our brains, spook it. "Putuo District, a community cultural center staff said.