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'The year of snake' New Year's eve dinner menu is 'snake' old hotel hot a table is hard to find

Date: 2012-12-05

According to the I times newspaper reported, although next year is "snake" but based on New Year's eve dinner years, the market is almost not "snake" sign, salt and pepper king snakes, stewed snake soup these high-grade food is dried up.Reporters from yesterday on Shanghai a few famous catering enterprises learn, because do not advocate snakes dishes and other reasons, this year will no longer have "for KouCai".
  Old catering enterprises see light "KouCai"
  In the past New Year's eve dinner table, dishes often want to combine the Chinese zodiac in open to get some "good KouCai".Such as the 2011 year New Year's eve dinner, all businesses use a "dragon" word, a lobster dishes also sell to be extremely hot.However, due to the next year is the year of snake for the protection of wildlife, on New Year's eve dinner of the old Shanghai business enterprises have said no longer advocate snakes dishes, the dishes will no longer pay special attention to "KouCai".
  Shanghai old hotel WangJingZhong deputy general manager, said the New Year New Year's eve dinner dishes no snakes dishes."If the guest must have a good lucky, we will still to lobster to replace.WangJingZhong said, "the snake can be" small dragon ", from KouCai speaking with lobster can also meet the needs of the guests.
  XingHuaLou group deputy general manager shen one, peak said its XingHuaLou, xinya and small shaoxing and restaurants are weakened the dishes KouCai close to the concept of the New Year.It is said that in some old catering enterprises, snakes dishes is no longer advocate, consumer also won't deliberately required to provide snakes dishes.
  New Year's eve dinner is hard to find a table prices rose slightly
  Jinjiang group said, although the Spring Festival next year than the previous year come late, but New Year's eve dinner reservation peak than ever but 15 days in advance to come, and the price of the New Year's eve dinner all have different degrees of rise.At present, the group XinJinJiang hotel, jinjiang hotel, and other well-known hotel room has been booked up, only a small amount of SanXi more available.
    Fuzhou road XingHuaLou also say, July and August this year New Year's eve dinner market reservation has been launched, rooms have been very tight, now even the lobby has no seats, xinya YueCaiGuan also met the same situation.And yunnan road little shaoxing hotel four dining floor of the New Year's eve dinner is almost robbed order completely, and only a few scattered on the ground floor of a near the door.Shen said before, the food raw materials, New Year's eve dinner prices rising influence the 5-10%.
   WangJingZhong also said, the New Year's eve of hotel prices remain at each table 2700 yuan to 3200 yuan between, year-on-year rise slightly last year.However, although the price has risen, booking situation or hot room hall, a total of 120 table has basic booked, with only scattered scattered a.
  New Year's eve dinner reservation start semi-finished products
  Shanghai old hotel now has just started semi-finished products New Year's eve dinner reservation work.WangJingZhong said, due to the Spring Festival comes late next year, according to the past experience, semi-finished products New Year's eve dinner reservation sales peak to January after middle will come.
  XingHuaLou group deputy general manager shen pointed out before, xinya brand of semi-finished products New Year's eve dinner reservation work has begun, at present for smooth, predicts the New Year's day will present state of sell like hot cakes.