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Bringing opera classics to city s young

Date: 2012-11-13

TAIWANESE writer and scholar Pai Hsien-yung is joining forces with Suzhou Kunqu Opera House to stage innovative adaptations of two Kunqu Opera classics, "The Peony Pavilion" and "The Story of the Jade Hairpin," aimed at the city's younger audiences.

Pai has included spectacular stage settings, costumes and modern innovations and experiments in the performances. The classics are performed by young Kunqu Opera singers with both Chinese and English subtitles.

"The Peony Pavilion" production is an acclaimed nine-hour version, and will be staged over three days.

Pai spent five months condensing the original 55-scene script to this 27-scene version, which focuses more on the fascinating detailed part of the love story and caters to the tastes of a modern audience.

Over the past eight years, this version of the opera has been staged in 200 performances and been seen by 400,000 theatergoers around the world, most of whom are young people.

Pai also makes "The Story of the Jade Hairpin" - a long, complicated story - more understandable and simple. The play tells of a hilarious romance between a young scholar and a Taoist nun. It features more elegant and exquisite scenes, providing the audience with an insight into the original charm of Kunqu Opera and Oriental aesthetics. (source: Shanghai Daily)

"The Story of the Jade Hairpin"

Date: November 21, 7:15pm

? Nine-hour "The Peony Pavilion"