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Shanghai keeps its cool, stays sunny most of week

Date: 2012-11-12

LOCAL temperatures dropped by nearly 5 degrees between Saturday and yesterday to a high of 13.7 degrees Celsius and winds picked up as a cold front arrived Saturday night.

It will be sunny today with a high of 15 degrees. The low will hit 8 degrees in the wee hours.

Though the wind will be lighter today, people aren't likely to feel much less chilly.

There will be light smog in some areas this morning, local forecasters said.

The temperature is expected to remain between 7 and 16 degrees most days this week with clear weather. There may be some showers on Friday.

The weekend's rain and wind, while chilling the city, helped dissipate lingering dust and pollutants and Shanghai's air quality was rated excellent.

The density of PM2.5, a measure of airborne pollutants smaller than 2.5 microns in diameter, which are the main cause of urban smog and haze and are harmful to human health, started to rise from 30 micrograms per cubic meter at 2am yesterday and reached a peak at 80 micrograms per cubic meter from 8am to noon.

The fine particles dropped quickly in the afternoon to 29.4 micrograms per cubic meter at 5pm, resulting in an average of 55.1 micrograms per cubic meter in the latest 24 hours.

The national standard for PM2.5 within 24 hours is 75 micrograms per cubic meter.

The city's air quality this morning is expected to stand on the verge of light pollution, said the Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Center. (Source: Shanghai Daily)