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Closely monitor security import expo held in Shanghai hotel prices

Date: 2018-04-26

The first China international import expo will be held in November this year in Shanghai.Is expected to have 300000 customers to attend the event, accommodation and travel reception guests to the world just is an excellent chance to show the "Shanghai service" brand.

According to the touch, the national exhibition center around changning, putuo, minhang, qingpu, jiading, songjiang district, a total of more than 2260 hotels, more than 150000 rooms, 240000 beds.Municipal tourism administration has lived with jin jiang international group, China group and other large hotel many times communication, completes the different levels of reserve a hotel room.Such as November before and after the exhibition "travel peak", the practice of reference during the expo, coordination of jiangsu and zhejiang provinces tourism management department to provide related cities around Shanghai housing as a supplement.

In addition, the city tourism bureau will also joint industry and commerce, commodity price departments and so on, start the partition classified monitoring system for hotel accommodation.It is monitoring room bookings, if there is a "full house" and "overbooking" situation, adjust the housing will be warned and organize the surrounding areas.Second, monitoring room price, once found unreasonable high price, will be the first time interview related operators, shall be ordered to standardize management, control the house prices in a reasonable range.